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Essential Signs


When you are getting started with signing with your baby you are best starting with signs that serve a purpose. Make use of signs that you have multiple opportunities to use every single day, repetition and continued exposure is key. Introducing your baby to these signs from any age is easy as they have functionality in your life already, and soon they will become second nature.

How To Use

Introduce these signs one at a time. Sign as you say the word and always do it in context. Use the signs as you would normal speech. Don’t expect your baby to be receptive to these signs straight away, but with continued use you will see the connection being made.


Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum Milky Moments


Moo, Moo, Brown Cow! Have You Any Milk?


There are 2 variations of the sign for milk. Variation 1 is used most widely for babies as it is simpler and can be done with one hand. Variation 2 is the official Makaton sign. Variation 1: Hold one hand out in front of you and open and close your fist. Variation 2: Hold your hands out in front of you while making a fist. Alternate moving them up and down and squeezing your fists, similar to milking a cow.


Touch the tips of your fingers and thumb together. Bring them to the side of your mouth.


Make a fist with your left hand. Flatten your right hand and place it on top of your left hand.


All done

Hold your hands in front of your face with your finger tips touching. Pull each hand down at the same time diagonally.